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River Sunset2668 viewsWatercolour painting of tree silhouettes against a stunning sunset reflected on the water.
Misty Forest2505 viewsThe fog encases the gloomy forest and shadowy groves.
Working on an Impressionist Acrylic Painting 2036 viewsAn artwork where I used the same brush techniques as impressionist artist Monet to achieve a similar look, using the chosen work 'The Cliff Walk at Pourville'.
Mountain Landscape1793 viewsThe red autumn leaves draped over the backdrop of the mountains.
The Completed Dress displayed with Lights1731 viewsAt the school event the dresses were lit up and showcased alongside other work from different classes.
Vast Forest1701 viewsA watercolour painting depicting a mystical forest with blue skies.
Book Sculpture1578 viewsA paper book sculpture that was made as part of an Art assessment. Conceptual and material practice were considered when creating. The concept behind my book sculpture focuses on the progressive decay of books and literature, as the world is rapidly changing and moving forward with technology. Books are left on the shelves as new computers and mechanics replace what books once did.
Making the Over Skirt1293 viewsThe over skirt I designed was fitted over the black dress that was compulsory in everyone's designs.
Fitting Dress onto Mannequin1260 viewsThe Design & Technology textiles classes created dresses that we designed ourselves for the annual 'Glow' festival.
Big Ben1208 viewsThe famous London landmark on a rainy day.
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